Hi, I'm Vin!

I'm a programmer, I mostly make things in C# 😎

Thanks for taking a look at my website!
You can check out my work below or on GitHub

If you'd like to contact me, you can reach me on Discord @VinFG1 or send me an email


6/14/24 The site has been rewritten using Bootstrap (replacing Bulma)
2/8/24 The site has had a visual refresh, with more changes coming soon
10/24/23 Hello!

My Work

Fiera Skyline

Modular Web Server and App Platform

Project Fiera initially started as an attempt to make a TTS bot for a Twitch stream. It turned into many hours of learning and experimenting which eventually resulted in a simple albeit robust web server that can utilize self-contained modules to add, remove, or replace functionality as needed. It is designed to run on low-power VPS instances and can be monitored and controlled through a custom CLI.

> See live Fiera operation stats

BlastForge Framework

Game Engine

BlastForge is a game engine/framework meant for quick prototyping and iteration of ideas. It is built on top of RayLib-CS and uses a simplified Entity-Component class structure inspired by educational coding environments to make it as easy as possible to implement game mechanics. It is still a work in progress and is currently tooled for visual novel style games, but will have more robust functionality in the future.